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Interview with Riccardo Capuzzo, Founder, Art Director & Editor-in-chief of Design42Day - TAB 2013 media partner

Design42Day is official media partner of many events around the world: Moscow Design Week, Index Dubai, Beijing Design Week and Red Dot just to mention some, what is the criterion to decide which event you want  to collaborate with and why  you selected the Tallinn Architecture Biennale?

There are basically two criteria that influence our selection, one is strategic and the other one concerns the content and the value of the project itself. To be media partner we need to satisfy those two requirements. The Tallinn Architecture Biennale is a young event but it seems to have all the characteristics to grow up steadily in a short/middle period thanks to its strong organization, communication tools etc. You are at your third year and you have already been able to involve such a name as Bjarke Ingels, that’s a remarkable goal. 

You started your carrer as a visual designer, how did you decide to come up with a magazine and not with a design studio?

I thought an independent magazine was more interesting and needed than just another design studio. I wanted to give visibility to projects and designers who deserve it as I strongly believe in the importance of design in our life.

The Italian architect Renzo Piano has just been appointed senator for life because of his "outstanding cultural achievements" by the President of the Italian Republic, does this event confirm a still present sensibility from Italian Government towards architecture as it has been for years?

This has been quite an isolated fact, indeed it has been the first time that an architect has been named Senator. The architect Piano is author of very good projects and now Italy really needs that. Architecture has a terrific relevance for a territory, for the cities, for our living and working space, it is important to create a sustainable environment. I see this appointment with optimism and hope that this will contribute to smooth the ignorance in which our Parliament lays.