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 Estonian Centre of Architecture  
 Press Release 26/06/2013

TAB 2013 Vision Competition Received Record Number of Entries

The Estonian Centre of Architecture is pleased to announce that the Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2013 Vision Competition is successfully finished. The Vision Competition, which was organised in cooperation with the City of Tallinn, received a total of 88 entries (86 of them by deadline) from several locations around the world. The goal of the Vision Competition, which is held as part of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale culminating this autumn, was to search for ideas to diversify the urban space of Tallinn's Väike-Õismäe district, as well as to improve its living environment.

The TAB 2013 curators (Karin Tõugu, Kadri Klementi, Aet Ader, Kaidi Õis, and Mari Hunt) said that it is intriguing to see the diversity, which the competition entries offer for the future of Väike-Õismäe. The curators explain: "Very exciting visions have been created for further discussions, highlighting the strengths of the Väike-Õismäe district and resolving its problems. The authors of the competition entries have focused on the landscape, buildings, public space, as well as the functional diversity of Väike-Õismäe's urban space." The curators believe that the ideas presented form a good base, upon which architects, residents, and local officials are able to continue jointly planning the future of Väike-Õismäe's urban space. In the opinion of the foreign member of the jury, Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, the Architecture Biennale Vision Competition is important both to the city of Tallinn and in the context of the whole world. "You have those modernist housing complexes, which have been good places of living according to some standards, but which have got in trouble with creating a socially sustainable and integrated neighbourhood," he explained. Ingels believes it is highly important not to allow such complexes to be destroyed, but rather to inject a new type of sociality into them. Ingels regards Tallinn as a diverse city having the potential to form into something unique in terms of urban space.  Architect and member of the Vision Competition jury Inga Raukas comments: "Quite different ideas were proposed in the awarded entries in terms of the methods of approach and topics. The jury had to compare visions that were both large-scale urban ideas and those that grew out of the "grassroots level". There were a great deal of interesting solutions that would enable to improve Väike-Õismäe's urban space and to increase the quality of living environment there or favour interaction among residents. The jury needed to make tough decisions between several good ideas, but most of all we appreciated cleverness and the visions' impact on the development of the Õismäe district." AWARDED ENTRIES Architects, landscape architects, urbanists, and university students of the listed fields were welcome to participate in the TAB 2013 Vision Competition. The competition entries were evaluated by a jury includingBjarke Ingels, who is a founder of and partner in a world-famous Danish architecture office BIG. Other Jury members included the chief architect of Tallinn, Endrik Mänd, and Inga Raukas, who is a founder of and partner in one of Estonia's most renowned architecture offices, Allianss Arhitektid. The competition prize fund was 8.000€, of which 5.000€ will go to the first place, 2.000€ to the second place, and 1.000€ to the third place. 
Six outstanding competition entries will receive a special mention by the jury.
The pseudonyms of the prize entries and works worthy of special mention are as follows (in alphabetical order): "A Collective Space", "Anamorfosis", "Animal District", "Colorspray", "Dynamo", "F23", "K0EX15T", "PandaJ", and "The Point". The names of the prize entries' authors will be announced at an award ceremony to be held on 7 September 2013 as part of the 2013 Tallinn Architecture Biennale Main Programme.