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Exhibition “n+1 Methods” presents architecture’s aspirations

The International Architecture Schools’ Exhibition “N+1 Methods” of TAB 2013 presents 15 renowned
architecture schools from all over the world in Tallinn’s Linnahall – a grand Soviet era concert hall that has been closed for the public for many years.

N+1 Methods introduces a variety of methods for analysing, questioning and creating space from the pragmatic and practical to the utopian and visionary. Attention is shifted from
architecture as a matter of fact to architecture as a process of
critical thinking. Space is approached on the basis of perceptional experiences as well as with the aid of mathematical equations, making use of robot technology and relying on the traditional drafting table. When various different approaches are combined, compared and contrasted, the amount of spatial possibilities is endless. 

The Schools’ Exhibition raises a critical question: how might different methods of approach function in the context of recycling the historical Soviet-era space? 

Students who participate today are the professional
architects of tomorrow.

Most of them have not experienced the Soviet era first-hand but only know its echoes. Therefore for many of them, Soviet spaces are not necessarily politically charged. It provides them with freedom to see the modernist spaces of the past free from emotions.

The Schools’ Exhibition is a meeting place for fresh architectural ideas at the Linnahall: in a space that very much needs a new
vision. Perhaps a new idea will be found from among the exhibits with the help of which the Linnahall can be given a new future?

The exhibition will be opened in the foyer of Tallinn’s Linnahall on 4 September at 8 pm and will remain open until the end of September daily from noon to 7 pm. During the Biennale, discussions will be held among students and lecturers along with photographing expeditions into the lost rooms of the Linnahall.