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Press release 2013/24/7

Curators’ Exhibition of TAB 2013 presents visions about recycling socialism by internationally renowned teams of architects 

The Curators’ Exhibition of Tallinn Architecture Biennale will present new interpretations of Soviet era landmarks of Tallinn by selected international teams of architects.

The exhibition opens in the building of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – itself a landmark of Soviet architecture – on 6 September 2013. The biennale is curated by b210, a team of young architects Karin Tõugu, Kadri Klementi, Aet Ader, Kaidi Õis, Mari Hunt and organised by the Estonian Centre of Architecture.

The Curators’ Exhibition participants include DOGMA (IT), Raumlabor (DE), VROA Architects (POL), EXYZT (FRA), Vladimir Frolov & Aleksei Levtshuk (RUS), Kivi Sotamaa (FIN), Dorte Mandrup (DK), Benjamin Dillenburger (CH), Davor Eresh, Jelena Mitrovic, Pavle Stamenovic (SRB), 3+1 architects (EST), Kavakava (EST) and Salto (EST). The architects and their teams will offer new visions for Soviet-era buildings in Tallinn. A progressive dialogue between modernist ideas and the contemporary urban space will arise through appreciation and remixing. Tallinn will be treated as one example, but the greater and lesser problems are universal. The Curators’ Exhibition focuses on the following questions: What is there to appreciate in Tallinn's Soviet-era architecture? How to recycle the street space, structures, projects, ideas, conceptions, and materials? What do former future-utopias teach us? Models, visuals, and installations will be displayed at the Curators’ Exhibition.

Tallinn Architecture Biennale is an architecture and urban planning forum that brings together theory and practice, experience and innovation in order to spark fruitful discussion.

The TAB 2013 starts on 4 September, the symposium takes place on 5 and 6 September, the exhibitions last until the end of the month.