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 Press photos: TAB presskit.zip

TAB Vision Competition entries (examples): TAB-2013-Vision-Competition-entries.zip 

Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2013 highlighted socialist buildings

Tallinn Architecture Biennale “Recycling Socialism” attracted 6200 visitors to exhibitions and other events during September. Tallinn hosted many well-known contemporary architects and theorists starting with Bjarke Ingels (BIG) as a jury member of the vision competition to the radical Italian architect Pier Vittorio Aureli (Dogma) as an author at the Curators’ Exhibition and speaker of the symposium. Read more ...

Interview with Riccardo Capuzzo, Founder, Art Director & Editor-in-chief of Design42Day - TAB 2013 media partner

Design42Day is official media partner of many events around the world: Moscow Design Week, Index Dubai, Beijing Design Week and Red Dot just to mention some, what is the criterion to decide which event you want  to collaborate with and why  you selected the Tallinn Architecture Biennale? Read more ...

Press release on 07/09/2013

Tallinn Architecture Biennale Vision competition winner is project Dynamo

TAB 2013 Vision Competition awards were announced at a ceremony in Väike-Õismäe, the district of Tallinn that is the topic of the competition, on Saturday. The winning team of project Dynamo comes from Moscow Strelka Institute: Izabela
Cichonska, Nathan de Groot, Lindsay Harkema and Ondrej Janku. Read more ...

Charmoffensive blog about the Curators' Exhibition

Interview with the curators of TAB in Arterritory

Press release on 21/08/2013

Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2013 will launch on September 4th

Tallinn Architecture Biennale: Recycling Socialism will be exploring the modernist and socialist architecture from the 1960s to the 1980s in a 5-day long main programme launching in two weeks, on Wednesday, September 4th. Read more...

Press release 19/08/2013

Exhibition “n+1 Methods” presents architecture’s aspirations

The International Architecture Schools’ Exhibition “N+1 Methods” of TAB 2013 presents 15 renowned
architecture schools from all over the world in Tallinn’s Linnahall – a grand Soviet era concert hall that has been closed for the public for many years. Read more ...

An article about TAB was published in e-architect 

Press release 24/07/2013

Curators’ Exhibition of TAB 2013 presents visions about recycling socialism by internationally renowned teams of architects 

The Curators’ Exhibition of Tallinn Architecture Biennale will present new interpretations of Soviet era landmarks of Tallinn by selected international teams of architects.

Press release 26/06/2013

Architekturbiennale sucht neue Anregungen - Recycling Socialism

Die Tallinner Architekturbiennale sucht im September neue Lösungen für sozialistische Architektur unter dem Titel ”Recycling Socialism“. Die Biennale ist ein Architekturfestival mit Kuratorenausstellung, Symposium, Vision-Wettbewerb und Ausstellung der Architekturschulen. Die Biennale findet vom 4. bis 30. September 2013 statt, Symposium, Eröffnungen, TAB-Club und Stadtrundgänge vom 4.-8. September.

 Estonian Centre of Architecture  
 Press Release 26/06/2013

TAB 2013 Vision Competition Received Record Number of Entries

The Estonian Centre of Architecture is pleased to announce that the Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2013 Vision Competition is successfully finished. The Vision Competition, which was organised in cooperation with the City of Tallinn, received a total of 88 entries (86 of them by deadline) from several locations around the world. The goal of the Vision Competition, which is held as part of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale culminating this autumn, was to search for ideas to diversify the urban space of Tallinn's Väike-Õismäe district, as well as to improve its living environment.